About us

The National Commercial Directory (NCD) is an annual hard copy publication that is published in February which contains physical and digital addresses (also called “entries”) of businesspersons in Tanzania. The National Commercial Directory of MBOMBO NUNU Limited has evolved into a third phase publication with more entries and fully fledged digitalization of our Directory.

  • This 2020/2021 is a third version Directory that contains revised entries which have been refined by making some corrections.
  • The current Directory has evolved into a digitally searchable Directory. With the on-line version of a Directory one can enter through our link, i.e. ncd.co.tz and search for an entry by viewing the entries by category.
  • The National Commercial Directory is the Unit operating under the main Company called MbomboNunu Limited which is located at Kinondoni, Kwa Msisiri B, and P O Box 20576, Dar es Salaam.
  • The National Commercial Directory Unit is located at Magomeni Mapipa, Dosi Street, House Number 1, and P O Box 71836, Dar es Salaam.

The MbomboNunu Company has other businesses which include:

  • Business management training,
  • Marketing consultancy services business and
  • Organizing Exhibitions