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Importance of Business Directories in Digital Marketing

There are various types of marketing techniques you can use to market your business. Most of them are digital marketing techniques.

Digital marketing has become a very large part of the lives of people globally.

It includes websites, social media, emails, and online ads without forgetting online directories.

Business directories are also known as local listings or online directories.

They are the online platform that displays business details to the customers.

Those details can be a business name and type, contact info, and locations, sometimes with a map.

Examples of big online directories are Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing.

An example of the local listings from Tanzania is National Commercial Directory (NCD) and Tanzapages.

Why do you need to register your business in these directories?

The business directory is the way for consumers to connect with businesses.

The first thing most people do is to go online and start searching for what they're after. 

The importance of business directories is not only to display the business details they are also to show the reviews.

Many people are using online business reviews to find what they need and choose the right company.

So, after getting listed you will get a lot of benefits. So, today I am sharing the importance of business directories in Digital Marketing.

  1. Boost in Online Presence

There is much importance to the local directory listing. When you register with an online business directory, your contact information is submitted to the search engines.

Thus, it may be found by those who are looking for businesses like yours on the internet.

People who visit an online business directory can find your company’s name, address, and other contact information.

Consumers rely on these local directories to help them make decisions. Businesses also rely on their inclusion in these directories to boost their online presence. 

You can consult a digital marketing agency in Tanzania and help you with this. 

  1. Traffic 

Local directory sites are the most effective tool for attracting more traffic to your business’ website.

If you want to increase your traffic, getting your business listed in a local directory is among the simplest ways of doing this.

Many local directories provide businesses with an option to list their services in one place and also feature their websites too.

Today, when consumers require information on a certain kind of service or product, they search for the information online.

One of the best ways to promote your business is through digital marketing. And one strategy for this approach is the use of online directories.

  1. Gain the target customers

Business directories are powerful tools to reach out to potential clients and increase sales.

According to Brightlocal, 99% of consumers used the internet to find information about a local business last year.

Business directories are often geographically-based listings of businesses. This helps consumers find businesses and other organizations in their local communities.

Consumers rely on these local directories to help them make decisions. Businesses also rely on their inclusion in these directories to boost and boost their online presence.  

A simple reminder from a digital marketing agency in Tanzania.

To see the online marketing results you should use different online marketing platforms, like social media and online ads.

  1. Build Trust and credibility

Businesses that are in online directories are often perceived as trustworthy and reputable.

As a company, you can reach more potential customers with your business directory listing.  Because easily–found information helps build trust with your clients. 

  1. Help in SEO/Gaining visibility

Another importance of business directories is they are very useful for better ranking on search engines.

Your business gets listed on top results when someone searches for something related to your business from Google.

Online directories are a way to convert your link building into direct traffic and increase your visibility.

By creating a listing on a business directory, you will be able to climb up Google's rankings more quickly. This is because of more traffic to your website from directories

Learn more: Surviving SEO in Tanzania and how Google deals with local ranks.


In online marketing, every business owner always looks for a way to get more clients.

A business should register in the online directories. It is the easiest way to connect with customers and many people use them.

So, it will not be wrong to say that a local directory is a great and easier online marketing platform.

There is no limitation on how many directories you should register your company.

So, register to many directories as you can. Most of them are free and for those which are not free, they are very cheap.   

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