How corona affects our normal life style

I just don’t want to imagine that there will be a time when nobody is allowed to walk around, cities freeze, no cars, no sound, no  hawkers, no public transports like trains, busses etc.

 We used to be walking freely, grooving, and travelling from one country to another, eating out, etc. But all over a sudden a new Covid 19 which is the short name for “coronavirus disease 2019.” It is a new virus. Doctors and scientists are still studying it. Recently, this virus has made a lot of people around the world sick and many lost their lives.

Just before the corona virus emerged, parents used to do their duties from morning to the evening while children go to schools or colleges, some in boarding schools and others in day schools. It was the time when every member of the family engaged himself/herself with normal duties almost the whole day. There are times when members of the family could see each other for the whole week, spouses aren’t necessarily going to see each other during the day, things happened and days were passing and it was hard to notice the mistake of the other from our daily chores.

 With all the new responsibilities brought up by the coronavirus, people have to stay at home locked, no schools, no social gathering and no interactions with other people outside. Being together all the time may cause one spouse to feel that one is not doing enough or one is not committed in taking certain responsibilities. Home stay may drive the couples to unexpected arguments, quarrels, and even divorce.

Some few couples especially newly married couples will have a greater time together and will be having a lot of interactions, enjoying hugging and kissing, teasing and also joking in social media which may even lead to increased pregnancies/births.

Lack of jobs, social gatherings, supply shortage and fear of the viral infection and homestay may cause stress which may result into a lot of inconveniences. The lockdown will remind a person from past memories due idleness which may result in unnecessary arguments. “Talking is the most dangerous thing people do, especially when they are stressed,” Says Harville, “and listening is the most infrequent thing people do, especially when they are stressed.”

 Anne Hollonds, Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies,  who is also a psychologist, said stressful or traumatic events can bring some couples closer together “against a common threat“, even if it is just temporary. “But for others, it will drive them apart” — perhaps by revealing existing vulnerabilities in the relationship.  “This will likely be true for the rich societies where maids are always there for domestic chores, so when lock down is introduced due to corona virus, maids may not be available, and then who will work for them. As a result, more troubles are likely to arise. But for poor society where they are always living together interactions is their normal life and misunderstandings may exist in different ways. This is due to poverty, which results into shortage of food and unavailability of space to hang around etc. Mitchell Moss, who teaches urban policy and planning at New York University, told Bloomberg News: “This is going to destroy the marriages of the rich … All these husbands and wives who travel will now have to spend time with the person they’re married to.”

There is a Swahili saying “Hakuna marefu yasiyo na ncha” meaning “everything has to come to an end no matter how big or small the thing is”. Let us hope that one day the pandemic will come to an end. Our responsibilities as parents to protect our families all the time are there.  Therefore parents have to control their emotions and tolerate misunderstandings in the concern of their families so as to avoid divorce. All measures to protect ourselves from coronavirus infection like hand washing using soap and water or sanitizers, avoiding touching face with our hands, wearing masks where necessary should be taken.  Parents should utilize lock down time wisely by helping children to study and make revision, share scarce resources, be considerate when shopping and offer help to people who are not able to access protective facilities that are in high demand.

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