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Marketing Practices During Corona-virus Pandemic

A lot of businesses still rely much in promoting their businesses using traditional off line marketing techniques such as newspaper advertising, radio and television advertising, direct marketing, and so on. Recently due to technological advancement there are a number off line and on line digitized techniques and few of the many large and small businesses have resorted to them. The cost for promoting using off line and on line marketing techniques have been so alarming that scares many small business operators to adapt the techniques.

Marketing as a function that is concerned with goods and services’ designing, pricing, selling, distributing and promoting has currently evolved into adapting the new technology to cope up with this technological advancement. However, not all business operators have willingly resorted to adopting to the technological advancement. The eruption of corvid19 will make many businesspersons to resort to digital marketing techniques as the market will now be avoiding personal interaction in order to protect themselves from infection. Corona-virus (Corvid19) is the disease which is a new disease that does not have a vaccine and a drug to treat it has not been discovered yet.

It is high time that businesspersons revise their marketing plans in order to be able to continue to do business despite the existence of the corvid19.

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